Our Issues

Confronting Terrorism:


9/11 was a wakeup call to the world. Since then, more than 30,000 documented terrorist attacks have occurred worldwide. ACT for America is dedicated to the prevention of terrorism through education, empowerment and engagement. As a non-profit, non-partisan institution, our outreach to law enforcement, our training initiatives and our unparalleled public policy successes provide a comprehensive look at the threat of terrorism and how individuals can play a role in the prevention of terrorism, ultimately enhancing public safety.


Preserving the Constitution:


The U.S. Constitution is under attack by Islamist groups due to the rise of Islamic immigration into our country. Two main areas are: the encroachment of foreign law and the infringement of free speech. Foreign law includes Sharia law, which represents no fewer than 150 recent cases – in 22 states - where federal and state judges ruled using Sharia law instead of the Constitution of the United States.


Border Security:


The gravest threat to the United States stems from the illicit flow of illegal immigrants, terrorists, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and small arms and light weapons, transnational organized crime, piracy, drug and human trafficking. America's sovereign prerogative is to secure its borders. Without serious border security measures, no nation can escape the consequences of its inaction.


Energy Independence:

Act-for-America-Energy-new.jpgEnergy is the lifeblood of the American economy. Cut off the flow of energy and the economy will die. For this reason, energy independence is a matter of national security. Today, our enemies rely on Middle Eastern oil money. Nations like Iran and others use oil and gas as political and economic weapons by manipulating the marketplace. Half of our trade deficit goes toward buying oil from abroad, and some of that money ends up in the hands of terrorists.


Empowering Women & Protecting Children:


One of ACT for America's priorities is to educate about the rise of oppressive Sharia Law in America and its impact on Muslim women and children including beatings, honor killings, and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). We must ensure that every woman and child enjoy the protection afforded by the U.S. Constitution.



Support for Israel:


Our pledge to Israel: we stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel, fighting for its national security and defense against its enemies, regardless of who or where they are. We believe that Israel has the right to exist as a Jewish State in the Middle East with Jerusalem as its capital.

Through our powerful network of chapters and hundreds of thousands of members, ACT for America works to educate and inform elected officials and the public at large about the threats that the US and Israel face together.