Thank You President Trump!

The US should not be in the business of rewarding countries who chant, “Death to America.” The fact of the matter is that we cannot allow Iran to have nuclear weapons and this feckless, defective deal is neither good for us nor our allies. President Trump’s actions reinforce that America no longer gives empty threats and that he is a man of his word.

On President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran Deal, Brigitte Gabriel -- our founder -- says,

"Finally President Trump is restoring America's Leadership around the world and sending a critical message to our enemies that when he makes promises he keeps them. Leading through strength is not only good for America, it is good for world peace."


Dear President Trump,

Thank you for keeping your promise to withdraw the United States from the Iran Deal and impose sanctions on Iran. Your decision will make America safer and restore our position in the world as the largest purveyor of peace.

Leading through strength is not only good for America, it is good for world peace. Thanks to your strength, and steady leadership the world has already become a safer place to live.


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